Software Development in Sri Lanka - Codevus
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Everyone’s needs are different.

Every business is unique and so its flow of work. You need a custom software application to cater such very distinct workflows where no standard product is available.

With an approachable, friendly culture and by delivering a jargon-free approach to the design and development of bespoke software, We focus on ensuring our clients achieve maximum potential from their software that is 100% tailored to their needs.

Codevus help public and private sector organisations to store, manage and report their data securely, efficiently and accurately.

Namely below are some of the awesome things we could integrate with your business to make your life much easier and productive.

Access Control

Access control software for monitor doors,  parking lots, warehouses, and other areas you want to secure.

Cloud Apps

Develop applications that scale to meet your needs through software in the cloud


Convert your large and complex Excel workbooks to a robust database solution

Business Intelligence

Improve decision making with software that adds value to your data

Machine Learning

Make informed data based decisions using machine learning smart technology

Algorithm Implementation

Build mathematical calculations into your software to enhance your business processes

SMS Communication

Send and receive SMS text messages from within your software applications

Software Integration

Integrate different software systems across your business to make them work together efficiently


Add an online shopping capability to your business with an e-commerce development

Like what you see? Are you ready to start your project? Then call us on 0717 22 22 33