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An Award winning software to cover your all needs in one place !

Specially designed for anyone in the wholesale distribution business, integrating sales force, Warehouse and head office functions all in one place..

What’s in it for you?…

Increase Visibility
Evaluate Sales Team Performance
Inventory management
Order fulfillment & sale returns
Reports & dashboards
Business Intelligence Reports
Mobile compatibility
User Friendly UI
Data SecurityHosted on Cloud

What makes DM-Assist unique is the latest technology we have used to implement the system and how data is represented to the end-user.

Business Intelligence

Turn your business into a data-driven enterprise with interactive BI reports that update automatically.

Cloud Hosted

You can access the system from anywhere, anytime with any device..

Responsive Design

DM-Assist works on any device such as your Mobile tablet, Mobile Phone, Laptop etc..

Real-time Data

There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided. What you see is whats going on at the moment..

Machine Learning

DM-Assist provides you tips to optimize your inventory, Clients data, Sales and to increase productivity by analyzing data with advanced algorithms

Best User Experience

We thought deeply about the smoothing work-flow so users will spend less time trying to figure out the system but focus on business with all the analytics Data..

Latest Technology

We have used industry's next-Gen languages like Node.js, Angular 4 and Python to craft this software

High Scalability

DM-Assist is scalable with minimum costs and effort as your business grow and climb up the ladder..