DM-Assist - Distribution & Inventory Management Software
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An Award winning software to cover your all needs in one place !

Specially designed for anyone in the wholesale distribution business, integrating sales force, Warehouse and head office functions all in one place..

DM-Assist includes Sales Order Management, Advanced Inventory, Requisition Management, Purchase Order Management, Invoicing and Advanced Financials. Also it enhances the productivity of your back office staff with real-time data & Business Intelligence reports.

DM-Assist has won the Silver(2nd Place) Award inĀ National Best Quality ICT Awards 2017 (NBQSA) and has been nominated for The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) which held in Bangladesh on 7th December 2017. [Read More]

Below are some of the awesome things we could integrate with your distribution business to make your life much easier and productive.

Inventory Management

Multiple Warehouses

Multiple Vehicle Inventory

Batch/LOT Tracking

Stock Inter-transfers between warehouses

Purchase Order Management

Sales Orders from Mobile Tablet

Mobile Responsive Design

Quotation Approvals

Track Free issues / Individual pricing

Track Invoice status

Customer Credit Limits


Real-time Chart of Accounts

Automated General ledger entries

Automated Reorder Point (ROP)

360` Customer Management

Customer overall view

Payment Management

Post-Dated Cheque balances

Good Return Notes (GRN)

Expense Management

Automated Purchase Order Generation

30+ Business Intelligence Reports

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