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Gettz Cloud [Case Study]

Gettz Cloud is a Bespoke Software solution by Codevus which combines Membership management and Door access controlling together with advanced technologies in the cloud.


Gettz Fitness is the largest fitness center in Southern Province, Sri Lanka located in the center of Matara city. The Company offers gym memberships, classes such as Aerobics, yoga, as well as personal training, cardio and weightlifting.

Gettz is a fitness facility that aims to provide its members with life-changing results through innovative, creative and challenging workouts. They hire only experts in fitness who provide the right fitness plan to their members.

Gettz opened for business in March 2017 and has been growing ever since.


One of the biggest challenges that the Gettz team encountered was the time-consuming manual process of data entry. They had no proper way to track memberships expirations.

Gettz needed a way to streamline club access for members and staff also to keep track of everything such as account information, billing, taxes and member fitness plans renewals. Also, all the info needed to be remotely accessible as the company owner lives in Australia.

The challenge reached a point that they would need to find a Cloud gym software solution that would eliminate fraud, simplify club access for members and staff, and ensure that statistics are accessible anytime from anywhere in the world .


The chosen solution would need to simplify club access for members and prevent non-members from entering the facilities. It would also need to send automated renewal notifications to customers and eliminate fraud.

Codevus worked closely with the Gettz team and developed a Bespoke Software Solution which links the payment and joining processes directly to the access control. New members are issued with a RFID Card when they join, which will allow them to access the members area at anytime of the day or night.

Codevus has implemented Machine learning algorithms into the system to analyze member attendance patterns. So if a member misuse their RFID card by lending or tailgating the door, system will flag the member profile and send notifications to Gettz staff.


The Gettz system successfully met all of The Gym’s requirements and the staff say they have found the system really easy to use.

All day, every day, gym members can access the premises using RFID card they receive when they join The Gettz. This means that customers can use the venues without the need for staff having to be present.


  • Organized member data
  • Automated SMS alerts
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Automated door control for active memberships
  • Real-time Detailed Reporting
  • Multi location expandability


I have been living in Australia for last 15 years. When I was planning for my new Fitness centre in Sri Lanka, few of the main challenges were to follow membership payments, conduct access control according to members’ payment plans, automate the process and control the system from Australia. Having a key card system was the obvious answer, but then question raised, who would develop it for me according to the exact specification I had in my mind? I was really struggling to find a company who would do that for me when I heard about Lahiru & his company Codevus.

From the first phone conversation I was impressed. Lahiru understood what I wanted; he improved it with his innovative ideas, developed a cloud system for me to be able to operate my gym from Australia and did the installation right on time. Not only he provided a very professional service with reasonable prices at the start ,but continue to provide support with the system which ensure smooth operation of my rapidly growing business.

In Lahiru I have found a steady business relationship and a very good friend.

Kasun Galwatte
Proprietor – Gettz Fitness


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