Upon retiring, Mr Bernard Sinniah, the former Managing Director of Citibank and Global Head of eFX Solutions, an organisation based in London, took the time to be a mentor and a member of the Board of Directors at Codevus (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr Sinniah is a reputed for his excellence in the banking field, where his expertise was utilised to build various teams across the world that are successful to date. Commencing his career in 1979, and working his way up the ladder to be a leader, Mr Sinniah has been an inspiration to many. During the past 38 years, he has handled multi-million dollar revenues and has managed teams who, under his guidance performed well.

His talents also led him to be the co-founder of a personal motivation app named iCAN. In 2016, the app was revealed to the world during the Lisbon Web Summit and has been a success ever since. His disciplined technique, namely The Flag Programme assists individuals to stay motivated and achieve their goals. While motivating and mentoring people by various speeches and discussions both locally and internationally, with the unveiling of the iCAN app, he was able to reach many individuals thus making his goal of being a mentor and helping others a possibility. He is also a Director of Transact Lanka, a Sri Lankan FinTech company which owns Roka Technologies.

Apart from being a banker, motivator and a speaker, Mr Sinniah is also an author. His book “Jaffna Boy” depicts the life of a young boy who was boarded in a school in Jaffna. The book contains various true stories that took place during his time at St. John’s College Jaffna and is a good read, with many touching and heartfelt moments.

Codevus is a Sri Lankan software development company that incorporates next-gen technologies to provide software solutions for organisations. The team is proud to welcome the newest member on board to lead it to greater highest. Mr. Sinniah, who is also an investor of the company, will work closely with the Codevus team. Codevus caters to various public and private companies to maintain their data in a secure and efficient manner while utilising the information for various reports.

The company was recognised with a Bronze Award at the National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA 2018), for the development of SME Loan Management & Provincial Council Fund Management online platform of Southern Provincial Development Authority. In 2017, Codevus received a Silver Award in the Retail & Supply Chain Management category at the NBQSA 2017, for providing a comprehensive solution for Distribution Management.


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